Are you someone working for, or planning to work for, a company in the United States that requires you to speak clearly so that you can be better understood by your supervisors, co-workers, and clients without being asked to repeat yourself?


Are you..
    • Having difficulties being understood at work?
    • Having difficulties being understood on phone calls, conference calls, on Zoom calls, or when leaving voicemail messages?
    • Lacking the confidence and ability to communicate clearly preventing career advancement?
    • Frequently being asked to repeat yourself when communicating with supervisors and co-workers?
    • Getting frustrated when asked to repeat yourself?
    • Having difficulties with speech intelligibility?
    • Having difficulties pronouncing sounds and words in the English language?
    • Having difficulties with proper rhythm and intonation in the English language?


If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, I can help! You could benefit from my services offered by East Coast Accent Modification and Corporate Speech Training, LLC.

My business offers teaching and training of the Standard American accent for non-native speakers with an Arabic, Spanish, Polish, Russian accent or Chinese dialect or native speakers who would like to reduce their regional accent who work for businesses or are planning on working for a business here in the United States.

Contact East Coast Accent Modification & Corporate Speech Training LLC for more information.

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